Legging super soft von 10 DAYS Amsterdam


Hersteller 10 DAYS Amsterdam

Artikel-Nr.: SW10613


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Produktinformationen "Legging super soft von 10 DAYS Amsterdam"

  • Material Baumwolle
  • Typ Legging
  • Größe S, XS
  • Farbe sand melee
  • Hersteller 10 Days Amsterdam

Be unexpected or simple - never regular! Das ist die Aussage von 10 Days, dem angesagten Label aus Amsterdam.

What started as a spontaneous idea soon became serious business. In 2007 10Days started with 15 styles in 3 colors, soon the collection consisted of more than 100 styles in six colors! No complex strategy or 5 year plan, just a basic instinct inspired on two things; comfort and fun!

Original dutch design
Created from the heart
To make fashion more easy
To make life more easy

Pure basics combining style and comfort
Unexpected details with exciting contrasts
To make fashion more fun
To make life more fun